1.0.0 Thanks lớn USB Show you can discover files that have mysteriously disappeared from your USB or find viruses that are hiding in your removable memory units

USB sticks can be a very dangerous method lớn propagate viruses if we don"t handle them with care. A strain of malware can install itself on our pendrive & remain in a hidden file or folder, waiting for us lớn connect it khổng lồ different PCs allowing it to infect other computers. & all the later, without us even realizing as we won"t notice anything out of the normal among the files stored on our portable hard drive. Thank god we have available a program like USB Show khổng lồ solve this problem.

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Find hidden folders in your removable units.

What is USB Show và what"s it for

It"s a tool that scans any memory unit, whether a USB stick or any other larger removable disc unit, searching for hidden files và folders, maybe hidden by viruses or any other user accidentally or intentionally. So using it will help us to:

Discover folders where a vi khuẩn or trojan may be hiding and waiting khổng lồ infect other computers we plug our USB into.Find files that we thought had disappeared or had been deleted by error, but were simply hidden.

Where to download USB Show for PC and how to use it?

To download this program lớn your computer you won"t have to lớn resort to Mega or any other dubious website. You can download this software for miễn phí within a zipped folder from the official web of its developer, LDC, or through or tải về button. It"s very lightweight so you"ll have it on your PC in a matter of seconds.

Just unzip the file & run the application (it"s a portable program so it doesn"t require an installation process) to lớn start searching for hidden files on your external memories, following these steps:

Step 1: Choose the language for the interface: English or Spanish.

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Step 2: Hit the button lớn recover hidden files.Step 3: Explore the thư mục tree until you reach the thư mục you want lớn scan.Step 4: Wait for the program to explore the unit chosen and notify you that it has finished.

Now, when you mở cửa your USB stick you"ll see how new folders have appeared that were previously invisible. It"s up to you khổng lồ decide if you have to remove those files or keep them because you have khổng lồ take into account that not all the files found are malicious.

The program just makes visible those files that were hidden, from there on, you choose what to vày with them. But always being very careful, putting them through an antivirus scan và backup up your important data before proceeding.

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