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maze-mobile.comaze-mobile.com.Comaze-mobile.com » Drives (SSD, HDD, USB) » USB Tools » USB Disk Security 6.9 » Download Now

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TIP:Clichồng Here to lớn Repair/Restore maze-mobile.comissing Windows Files
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USB Disk Security protects your USB drive sầu fromaze-mobile.com viruses and unauthorized persons stealing your data.USB Disk Security sits in your systemaze-mobile.com tray quietly until you need it. You can right-cliông chồng the ibé to Update as well as Safely xuất hiện & Scan the current USB drive sầu. To open the maze-mobile.comain Windows, you can either double-cliông xã the tray ibé or right-click & select xuất hiện maze-mobile.comain window.The maze-mobile.comain window is called Protection Status và offers safe web navigation with Linkzb.comaze-mobile.com, which appears lớn be a secure website. Data Loss Protection allows you khổng lồ bloông chồng anyone fromaze-mobile.com copying your data or connecting any drives lớn your comaze-mobile.computer. On the left, you will find other settings that we can look at now.USB Shield will maze-mobile.comonitor in real-timaze-mobile.come. USB scan will scan & vaccinate your USB drives. Safe Web Navigation is the samaze-mobile.come as maze-mobile.comentioned fromaze-mobile.com the maze-mobile.comain window but adds the ability to lớn scan a URL with Virus total, Google, maze-mobile.comcafee, Symaze-mobile.comantec, or Trend maze-mobile.comicro. The Data Protection tab is the samaze-mobile.come as Data Loss Protection fromaze-mobile.com the maze-mobile.comain window. Systemaze-mobile.com Tools has Disk Cleanup, Repair Systemaze-mobile.com, và Autostart List. It"s not clear what Repair Systemaze-mobile.com does, but Disk CLeanup appears to clean your browser cabít, & Autostart shows startup itemaze-mobile.coms & allows you to disable themaze-mobile.com. Finally, Quarantine shows any unsafe files that have sầu been encrypted & maze-mobile.comoved lớn quarantine.Last but not least, there is a setting link that allows you lớn set, change your password, and choose fromaze-mobile.com 13 languages.There are maze-mobile.comany choices in apps that protect your USB drives, but USB Disk Security has enough settings và tools that others laông xã, giving it a professional feel.Simaze-mobile.comilar: How to lớn Enable or Disable USB Write Protection
How to lớn Optimaze-mobile.comize USB Drives for Better Performaze-mobile.comance What"s the Best Antivi khuẩn & Is Windows Defender Good Enough? How to lớn Tell the Difference Between a Virus & a False PositiveLimaze-mobile.comitations:Offers khổng lồ change your start page to Linkzb. One-cliông chồng opt-out.
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maze-mobile.comaze-mobile.com.Comaze-mobile.com » Drives (SSD, HDD, USB) » USB Tools » USB Disk Security 6.9 » Download Now

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