Universal USB Installer (Imager) aka UUI is a Live Linux Bootable USB Creator Software. This ISO lớn USB imaging tool allows users khổng lồ easily Boot from USB. Make a flash drive boot from a Linux distribution, Windows Installer, Windows lớn Go, Antivirut Scanner, Disk Cloning software or other System tool that can be made khổng lồ run from removable truyền thông media.

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The software is as easy as 1,2,3 lớn use. Simply choose your distribution from the danh sách, browse lớn the ISO file, select your target flash drive, và then cliông chồng Create. Once finished, you should have a ready to lớn run Live sầu USB containing the Live sầu Operating System, Windows Installer, or System Diagnostics utility you previously selected.

Unlike tools which simply use the DD (Copy and Convert) comm& to lớn directly burn an ISO khổng lồ a USB flash drive sầu, UUI includes several other methods that natively allow you to continue using your removable device for storage purposes, whilst including a “Try via DD” option. The DD method of copying, also known as Data Destroyer works by overwriting the entire file system, making the device appear as a CD/DVD which is limited to the size of the ISO file. However, it may be possible to recover lost drive sầu space and then create an exFAT partition for continued storage purposes.

Another key feature of UUI is the use of persistent storage, where available. This persistence feature allows you to lớn save sầu some changes and then restore them on subsequent boots. Ubuntu based Casper persistence works with FAT32 or NTFS formatted drives. An option to lớn use a larger than 4GB casper-rw or live-rw persistent bloông chồng file, (also known as an overlay image) is possible when the drive is formatted with an NTFS filesystem.

NOTE: If you are looking to add multiple Live Linux distributions, System Diagnostic Tools, Antivirus Utilities, & Windows Installers, you should use YUXiaoMi MI Multiboot Software, instead. As a multisystem tool can help you Boot Multiple ISO files from one flash drive.

Universal USB Installer (UUI)



Download Universal USB Installer (UUI)

30 Jan 2022 Universal-USB-Installer- Support newer versions of Rebởi vì Rescue Backup & Recovery.



The most likely cause is that the device is formatted as exFAT or some other unsupported format. You’ll need to lớn reformat as fat32 (currently preferred) or NTFS.

My PC wont Boot from my Flash Drive sầu, but supports USB boot!

Older flash drives shipped USB-FDD formatted & some systems will not boot USB-FDD. However, I have found that most systems can boot USB-ZIP, and or USB-HDD. If you are having a hard time getting your BIOS to detect your flash drive sầu, reformat it. Then try again to see if your BIOS can detect & boot from it.

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If you are running a Windows Vista or 7 Installer from your thumb-drive, after the first reboot, remove sầu the thumb-drive và let the pc complete from the hard disk.When browsing for an ISO, UUI will only display ISO Files that match what the tool is asking for. For example, if you chose lớn install ubuntu-20.10- Desktop-i386, the tool might not display your ubuntu-trăng tròn.10-Server-i386.iso because you have not selected the hệ thống variant. However, you can force all ISO files khổng lồ be shown by clicking the Show All ISOs box.

Auto Detection: If you also run UUI from the same directory containing an installable ISO, the script will auto detect the ISO và bypass step 2.


* Although you can use an NTFS format, Ubuntu based “persistence” features will only work with a Fat16 or Fat32 formatted drives. In addition, some Linux distributions will not boot if the drive sầu is NTFS formatted.

Again, UUI does not support booting from multiple Live sầu Linux distros. Only one distribution can be installed per drive sầu. However the YUXiaoMi MI can be used to lớn create a Multi System USB boot device.

To try an ISO that isn’t listed, simply choose one of the the last three options in Step 1. I recommkết thúc “Try Unlisted Linux ISO (GRUB)” because it seems to be the most successful. Feel không lấy phí to inkhung me of unlisted “Linux ISOs” you get to lớn work via these options, so I can add them khổng lồ the supported danh mục.

OpenSUSE DVD & other ISOs with a single file that exceed 4GB will not work due lớn the Fat32 tệp tin size limitation.

The Universal USB Installer will NOT currently work from within Linux using WINE due khổng lồ drive sầu detection và privilege issues. I plan khổng lồ revisit this issue when I find some spare time.

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