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Houses at the eco-friendly retirement complex are made from sustainable timber và stone that has been quarried locally.
In the international context, world trade in hardwood timbers until the 1960s was still dominated by the production of temperate regions.
The illustration shows timbers halved at the joints which would weaken them considerably và it is impossible for all the eight beams shown to be continuous.
Seventeenth-century commentators were instead interested in the novelty of the structure in comparison with existing framing techniques: its long span, laông chồng of height và use of small timbers.
Either this was simply the result of the lengths of timbers that could be obtained easily or it was to stagger the position of the mortises in the main beams.
In the dying twilight, the inside of the musty warehouse, largely unused since 1941, has a pale xanh cast, making the people, timbers & pillars appear as half-ghosts.
There may have been some use of the device for those occasions when timbers of adequate length simply could not be obtained, but these must have been rare.
All four species are dominant in the canopy of mixed dipterocarp forest, provide important timbers for housing, & have sầu edible fruits desired by people và frugivorous birds a nd bats.
The treatment is lớn remove sầu infected timbers & replace by naturally durable wood or by wood that has been treated with a preservative.
They specify the kích thước of timbers which may be employed, but this does not compel it lớn be of first-class chất lượng.
A firm that does treatment work was called in to advise, & its advice was that the roof timbers could have sầu been treated.

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