Don"t kết thúc an gmail with "thank you in advance." Many people find this phrase rude; after all, you"re assuming they"re going to lớn vị whatever you"ve requested -- essentially taking away their right khổng lồ say no.

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3. "Gratefully, ... "

Use this alternative when your ask is slightly out-of-the-ordinary: You"re giving the person less time than igiảm giá, increasing the scope of your original request, or pulling them into lớn a project they"re not a part of.

4. "Thanks for considering this ... "

With this sign-off, you say, "Hey, it means something you"re even thinking of doing this." Revealing a little humility can help you win the other person lớn your cause.

5. "In any case, thanks for your help ... "

After you"ve made your request, end with this tactful line. You"re essentially telling the other person, "Whether you agree or not, I value your consideration."

6. "Many thanks ... "

This variation on the classic "thank you" is a bit more formal, making it feel more authentic.

Below is a sample gmail using one of these alternatives. It clearly states the request, & thanks the recipient for their consideration.


Thank you in advance for your help.

These "thank you in advance" alternatives can be used when you"re requesting help or previously requested assistance from the recipient.

7. "Let me know if this isn"t feasible by , & I"ll see what I can bởi vì ... "

I"d recommend saving this sign-off for a direct report. It"s clear your recipient can"t really say no to whatever you"ve asked -- at most, you"ll let them negotiate the deadline. And you"re suggesting even that option isn"t ideal.

Why is this better than "Thanks in advance"? Because it"s straightforward and direct, while "thanks in advance" feels inauthentic and/or passive-aggressive.

8. "I hope this is possible ... "

#8 is an alternative lớn #7, but for someone who"s your peer or superior. It"s softer và leaves more room for pushback.

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9. "Really appreciate your time here ... "

Are you telling, not asking? When the other person doesn"t have a choice in the matter, you want lớn avoid closes that make them sound like they can opt out. This cđại bại is a polite but firm way khổng lồ say "You have sầu khổng lồ vì this" that won"t annoy them.

10. "In the meantime, thanks for your time ... "

Let your recipient know you recognize their attention.

11. "Thank you for doing X ... "

Explicitly acknowledge the help they"re providing, whether that"s "thanks for meeting with me," "thanks for reviewing this proposal," "thanks for introducing me lớn so-and-so," or "thanks for answering these questions."

12. "Looking forward khổng lồ ... "

When you"re asking someone lớn do some work on your behalf, this cđại bại comes in handy. You"re showing your interest in the project -- validating that it"s worth their effort.


13. "I"d be grateful if you could finish X by ... "

Tactfully give the person a timeline with this sign-off.

14. "You"re the best ... "

When you"re emailing a cthua kém colleague who"s doing you a favor, use this heartfelt closing line. (Just make sure you save sầu it for special occasions, or you"ll seem fake.)

15. "Thanks again ... "

Did you already thank your recipient once? No harm in reiterating the sentiment.

16. "Thank you for your understanding ... "

Sometimes, it"s necessary lớn appeal khổng lồ your recipient"s compassionate side. Maybe you"re asking for something you know they"re not thrilled about -- or giving them the heads up you can"t follow through on their request.

They"ll have a harder time denying you after you"ve sầu expressly said thanks for their patience.

17. "I appreciate your extra time here ... "

Don"t we all just want lớn be appreciated? Sometimes, all it takes to move someone khổng lồ action is to let them know you notice them và their efforts và to lớn thank them for spending their time on you.

18. "I know your time is valuable và I appreciate your attention ... "

Again, letting your prospect know you realize they"re carving out time especially for you is always appreciated. They don"t have lớn help you out, & it"s a good idea khổng lồ recognize that.

19. "Let me know if I can help ... "

Is there something you could vì khổng lồ make this ask easier for your prospect? Try to lớn take these actions proactively, & always let them know you"re happy lớn step in & shoulder some of the work.

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