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TeamViewer Portable can run from a cloud folder, external drive sầu, or local folder without installing inlớn Windows. It"s even better with the Platsize for easy installs and automatic updates.

- Support"s development and hosting



TeamViewer contains support, administration và screen-sharing in one package. It can vày remote administration of unattended servers, tệp tin transfers, remote support without installation, remote presentations, & more. TeamViewer supports key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding và works behind firewalls.

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App Notes

By mặc định, TeamViewer Portable is configured not to save settings. After running, if you adjust the TeamViewer.ini file within the TeamViewerPortableDatasettings directory so nosave=1 reads nosave=0 it will save sầu settings. When set this way, TeamViewer itself will prompt for admin rights to lớn enable all features. If you"d like lớn vì this, please ensure you manually run TeamViewerPortable.exe pháo as admin khổng lồ ensure everything is properly portablized. In the PA.c Platform, you can bởi this by right-clicking the app.

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