an occasion when a business or large piece of equipment stops operating, usually for a temporary period:

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the act or process of ending the operations of a business, system, industry, etc., either temporarily or permanently:
Release of the figures was delayed by the partial shutdown of federal agencies in December & January.
If such a temporary " shutdown " is possible, something similar could happen when a person"s head is struông xã a powerful blow.
The role of the human operator is restricted to lớn reprogramming robot trajectory lớn suit the task, và initiating a shutdown when the robot malfunctions.
With this apparent shutdown of cone synaptic function in the dark, endocannabinoids may mitigate this reduction somewhat or may even promote it.
Our results show that shutdown of nuclear replication in developing pepper seeds marks the acquisition of seed desiccation tolerance.
Such institutions, based on their mutual velớn powers, should have sầu a tendency khổng lồ restrain government, sometimes leading khổng lồ deadlock, immobilism và even shutdowns of government.

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On shutdown, outputs shall latch in the de-energised state until the initiating condition has cleared và a manual reset of the xúc tích has been performed.
The synthesis of operations for startup & shutdown is carried out according to lớn an inventory-control algorithm.
And fewer persons said they would defend judges against wrongful dismissal (46 per cent) và newspapers against a government shutdown (45 per cent).





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