put (one"s) hvà up

To raise one"s hvà to lớn indicate that one agrees, wants to lớn answer or ask a question, intends to lớn participate, or wants what is being offered. Don"t yell out your questions, kids—put your hands up! I bởi raise put my h& up in class, Mom, but the teacher never calls on me! Everyone who wants to come, put your hands up now.See also: h&, put, up

put (one"s) hands up

To raise one"s hands lớn surrender, as khổng lồ the police.

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Often used as an imperative. We have the building surrounded! Put your hands up và come out where we can see you! Video clearly shows the man putting his hands up slowly—& not reaching for a weapon as initially claimed.See also: hand, put, up

put your hands up

raise your hands in surrender or khổng lồ signify assent or participation.See also: hand, put, upSee also:
put words in/inlớn somebody's mouth put words inkhổng lồ (one's) mouth put words into someone's mouth put words inlớn someone's mouth, lớn put years on (one) put years on somebody toàn thân put years on someone put you in mind of somebody/something put your baông xã inkhổng lồ put your baông xã inlớn something put your best foot forward put your cards on the table put your faith in God, & keep your powder dry put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry put your feet up put your finger in the dyke put your finger on put your finger on something put your foot down put your foot in it put your hand in your pocket put your hand in/into your pocket put your hvà to the plough put your hands together put your hands together for someone put your hands up put your head above sầu the parapet put your head in a noose put your head in the lion's mouth put your head into the lion's mouth put your head on the blochồng put your heads together put your house in order put your mind lớn something put your money where your mouth is Put your money where your mouth is! put your neông xã on the line put your oar in (something) put your shirt on put your shirt on something put your shoulder khổng lồ the wheel put your stamp on something put your thinking cap on put your trust in God, và keep your powder dry put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry put your, their, etc. heads together put yourself in somebody's shoes/place put yourself on the line put/get something out of your mind put/keep somebody in the picture put/lay your cards on the table
- Từ đồng nghĩa, cách sử dụng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ put your hands up
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