Although organically produced food currently has the greachạy thử cachet, some predict that locally & sustainably grown products may become as desirable.

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More specifically, we chạy thử whether improving institutional unique in selected, distinct ways leads resource-rich countries khổng lồ invest their resource rents more sustainably in other forms of capital.
However, the effective instrument khổng lồ achieve this goal is to lớn increase the availability of lands that can be exploited sustainably, rather than to lớn subsidize l& prices.
Other things being equal, therefore, the effect of the strong sustainability policy will be to reduce the quantity of harvest that can be carried out sustainably from the remaining stoông chồng.
Where such a careful policy phối has been used, farmers have already abandoned poppy cultivation, sustainably.
Traditional, small-scale, inshore fisheries are, in some circumstances, able to guarantee that fish stocks are managed sustainably.
In other words, the fish that can be caught sustainably, beyond what local fishermen can themselves catch.
Three items of furniture containing mahogany from a sustainably managed source have been purchased in the last five sầu years at a cost of £1,922.
Secondly, it will ensure that national responses are multisectoral và are sustainably embedded in national budgets.
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The icing/frosting on the cake: differences between British & American idioms



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