Her morality is not dictated by patriarchal norms, but rather guided by the belief that women"s needs are her sole concern.

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Getting married confirmed a man"s entry inlớn patriarchal society, conferring new social roles và responsibilities.
Representations of feminine desire abound in seventeenth-century music và then disappear with the eighteenth-century insistence on patriarchal values.
This can be interpreted as a svào encouragement of patriarchal relations and patrilocal residences.
The website of these associations constitutes an artistic reflection on the sensibility và experience of the feminine in a patriarchal society.
For much of the 20th century, the patriarchal culture of familism structured political agendas và shaped the direction of policy initiatives.
For widows, the patriarchal authority held by their husbands seemed, ironically, to become even more pronounced after their husband"s deaths.
They can use other semiotic strategies, such as to lớn deconstruct, disfigure or disturb patriarchal conventions.
In fact, the cosmopolirã and patriarchal character of the new settlements increasingly challenged the more formal political constructions inherited from an ancient past.
The discrepancy relates to the incompatibility between patriarchal notions of feminity (discretion, self-effacement, và so on) và the exhibitionist nature of autobiography.
The perception of sons and husbands as the principal means of security emphasises the continuing traditional patriarchal khung of society in developing countries.
He argues that to divide women inkhổng lồ those who rejected and those who apparently submitted lớn patriarchal authority is khổng lồ misunderstand local realities.
One result was that certain elitist & patriarchal practices found in rural society were replicated in church settings, relegating women to subservient & passive roles.
One major question he does not quite answer for us is why patriarchal traditions would overpower matriarchal ones.

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The shortage of men after the war tended towards a re-establishment of patriarchal relations within the family.
He appropriates her strategy of naming herself through aliases và exploits his patriarchal legal authority lớn eliminate her subjectivity and her freedom.
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