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In 1967, the pardoning ceremony took place inside. Senator Everett Dirksen và representatives from the poultry industry và farm organizations presented a turkey lớn President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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An incredibly creepy legkết thúc about President Richard Nixon's bird was recently confirmed by the Washington Post. As the story goes, the turkey was especially rambunctious, và its feet had khổng lồ be nailed down to the table.


President Gerald Ford had the cruel idea khổng lồ put a wrapped, ready-to-cook turkey next khổng lồ the live sầu one presented to lớn hlặng.


President Ronald Reagan was the first lớn use the word "pardon" in connection with the turkey — the bird, named Charlie, was sent to lớn a petting zoo instead of the dinner table.

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By 1989, the formality of the ceremony had solidified, và animal rights activists gathered outside the White House nhà trắng fences, chanting for President George Bush to "reprieve," "keep hyên going," or "pardon" the turkey. Bush obliged, và the turkey pardon has happened every year since.

President George W. Bush continued his father's tradition, và the pholớn op was priceless. Here, he pardons the turkey in 2003.

President Baraông chồng Obama liked making light of the day. Before the pardoning in 2013, he addressed the crowd, saying, "In the office of the Presidency, the most powerful position in the world brings many awesome & solemn responsibilities — this, is not one of them."

In 2017, President Trump joked that he could not reverse former President Obama's turkey pardons. "As many of you know, I have sầu been active sầu in overturning a number of executive sầu actions by my predecessor. However I have been informed by the Nhà Trắng council's office that Tater & Tot's pardons cannot under any circumstances be revoked. So I'm not going to revoke them. Tater & Tot, you can rest easy," Trump said.

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