a small group of people who are the most famous, important, & admired in their particular area of activity:

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Instead, it is more likely a matter of our present meager abilities to recognize & interpret an apparently wellstocked pantheon.
My intention is to lớn abandon altogether the effort to redeem the opera và the genre it helped create for the pantheon of traditional high art.
It was to include a 600-ft pyramid, or a height of 183 meters, standing in the middle of a pantheon with a colonnade forming a peristyle.
Rather, we need to lớn highlight what this type of account has rendered largely invisible khổng lồ us : the revolution of local pantheons through the absorption of the white toàn thân.
Written by literati with diverse interests and agendas, these hagiographies also reveal the cultural hegemony that inhered in the state-established ^ deity pantheon.
If a phonetic property is admitted to lớn the pantheon of phonological features, it is formally equal lớn any other feature in its potential for signalling contrasts.
Not many election posters stvà up well in history, but that one has a quite peculiar place in the pantheon of dishonesty.
One is entering an awesome pantheon and must bear an awesome weight, but it is made much lighter by the nature of one"s constituency.
I think it is because we have sầu become conditioned for so long to a whole pantheon of myths & fables that we no longer recognise reality in international affairs.
There were sometimes six pantheons of water heated, because you could not follow your brother in the same water, for it was lượt thích soup when he had finished.
Many notable immortals & exalted progenitors are included in this pantheon, và one can reach divinity through svào meritory acts.

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