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What we mean, however, in more precise terms, is that apples and oranges are incommensurable in the sense explained above sầu.
The seasonal mean proportion of males was 0.552+0.012 compared to 0.448+0.012 for females, but with greater fluctuations aý muốn sampling dates compared lớn oranges.
Of the remaining single prepositional phrases, on top of the oranges (933 utterances) and on the oranges (378 utterances) were also frequently produced.
Apples & oranges are incommensurable if one is an adult on dr y land and one"s purpose is to finish off one"s meal with a good piece of fruit.
Although the temporal pattern of instar occurrence và duration observed in lemons was similar to lớn oranges, the peak densities of each instar were more variable in lemons (fig. 4b).
Following the emergence of adults, the overall numbers of adults were significantly lower in treated oranges despite early và late-season parity in numbers between treated and untreated oranges.
In the 2001 oranges, the peak mean mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of each nymphal instar was relatively constant và extended into the adult stage at nearly the same level (fig. 4a).
Of the two prepositional phrases, on top of the oranges in the bowl (303 utterances) and in the bowl with the oranges (313 utterances) occurred the most.
Does this also represent an incredible power on the part of marketing strategies và capability - finding themselves unable khổng lồ sell lemons, have sầu they successfully sold their lemons as oranges?
In the treated oranges, however, the proportion of the total nymphal population declined with each advancing instar (fig. 9), resulting in a distorted demographic structure of the immature population.
In contrast, the single prepositional phrases that did not use the bowl or plate as a reference object, for example in the oranges, were not included.
I have, however, said that sufficient oranges are being distributed to give sầu a certain weight of oranges per head.

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