Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s most used thư điện tử service. It’s a great e-mail client – probably the best at this point if you want to hotline it that. However, some users who have not used the service for a long time since the days of Hotmail are having difficulties returning. The primary reason is the inability to recover their passwords. Now, recovering a password where Outlook is concerned with the tools Microsoft has provided, is super easy, but it doesn’t always work, especially if users lack important information.With that in mind, we are going lớn show you how khổng lồ recover your accounts password the regular way, và by way of using a freeware software known as Mail PassView. Once you have regained your account information, we suggest saving the login data in a website browser or one of the many không lấy phí password managers.

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How khổng lồ recover Outlook Password

If you are having problems with recovering your Microsoft Outlook password, the following should help:Use recover optionRecover password with Mail PassViewLet us look at this in more detail.

1> Use recover option


For most people, they will be using this option rather than Mail PassView, so pay very close attention. The first thing you will need to bởi vì here is lớn visit via your website browser và navigate khổng lồ the sign-in section.

From there, type in your username, or thư điện tử address, then hit Enter. After that, you should now see the option, Forgot my password. You will want khổng lồ click on that right away to lớn begin the recovery process. You will now be asked to lớn enter your e-mail address again, hit Enter, & follow the instructions provided.

That should be good enough for most cases in recovering a password, so don’t găng yourself.

2> Recover password with Mail PassView


If for some reason you are unable lớn recover your password the easy way, then we must now look at the alternative that is not the best but could work for some. You see, for Mail PassView to work, users must have Outlook on the desktop.

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To begin, download Mail Passview from the official website, and then install it. Bear in mind that some anti-virus tools might view the tool as a threat và block it from running on your computer. In such a case, be sure to allow the program never khổng lồ be scanned by your anti-virus tool.

Now, after installation, the software should automatically show your trương mục information. But keep in mind that it only supports POP3, IMAP, HTTP, và SMTP Accounts.

Download Mail PassView via the official website right now. The tải về link is towards the kết thúc of the post.

Here is a danh mục of some miễn phí Password Recovery tools that will help you retrieve passwords from Windows login, mạng internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, other browsers, Mail, Web, Wi-Fi, etc.


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