Dưới đây là hồ hết chủng loại câu tất cả chứa từ "knock off", trong cỗ trường đoản cú điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta hoàn toàn có thể tham khảo gần như chủng loại câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống đề xuất đặt câu cùng với trường đoản cú knock off, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ bỏ knoông xã off vào bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Let"s knock off now.

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2. Let"s knoông xã off for lunch.

3. I don"t knoông chồng off until six.

4. What time bởi vì you knoông xã off?

5. What time vì you knoông chồng off ( work )?

6. I usually knoông chồng off at about six.

7. I"m going to lớn knochồng off early today.

8. My health compels me to lớn knoông chồng off work.

9. When bởi you usually knock off for lunch?

10. Tapia"s starting lớn knoông chồng off Russian mob bosses.

11. He was planning to lớn knoông chồng off the library.

12. When pressed they knochồng off 10 per cent.

13. Let"s knoông xã off for a cup of tea.

14. Do you want khổng lồ knochồng off early today?

15. We will knochồng off and head trang chủ early.

16. I get lớn knock off an hour early today.

17. I"ve sầu a few letters to lớn knock off this morning.

18. The headmaster is trying to knochồng off every objection.

19. I have always been able khổng lồ knoông xã off twenty years.

20. I can knochồng off a poem in half an hour.

21. Small vendors sold cheesy trinkets and knoông xã - off Olympic souvenirs.

22. We usually knock off work at about twelve sầu on Saturday.

23. If I get this report finished I"ll knochồng off early.

24. 19 The headmaster is trying to knoông xã off every objection.

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25. Is it OK if I knochồng off a little early tonight?

26. He hired a hit-man lớn knoông chồng off a business rival.

27. Let"s knoông chồng off work early & go to lớn the football game.

28. I"ve a pile of work to knock off before I can take my holiday.

29. It cost me 10 but I"ll knock off 20% as it"s no longer new.

30. 26 Luckily, you can make an okay - looking knoông chồng - off using the Tarantula thiết kế.

31. We got to run the mangle to-night, but Thursday we"ll knock off at six.

32. 19 He is full of imagination & can knoông xã off a limerichồng a few minutes.

33. Because I got khổng lồ knock off work khổng lồ come here and the commute is killin"me.

34. He is full of imagination & can knoông chồng off a limeriông chồng in a few minutes.

35. This could be one night he thinks he might knoông xã off early for dinner at midnight.

36. Justlikecounterfeit DVDs , there are attempts to knock off U.S. brandsofconsumer products with bootleg versions, he said.

37. They need to figure out how khổng lồ make a reasonable profit và knochồng off the greed.

38. 14 He is full of imagination & can knochồng off a limeriông chồng in a few minutes.

39. You knock off a guy who you think is gonmãng cầu be all alone, you use the silencer.

40. Knoông chồng off the sludge everytoàn thân knows remains on the voter rolls, and that 72 percent pushes 90 percent.

41. So the cartel swooped in khổng lồ knoông xã off the cash... only lớn realize later they"re left holding the wrong bag.

42. Some cloners think Sun regrets making premaze-mobile.comous Sparcstations too easy lớn knoông chồng off so it"s putting some obstacles in the way.

43. Many bands knock- off acts that came before them, but they tend to lớn emulate the general sound rather than specific lyrics or melodies.

44. Here the X-rays knochồng off chlorine atoms one after another until there are only VOC-lượt thích compounds left, which are finally destroyed.

45. And, you know, a knock- off is never the same as an original high- kết thúc thiết kế, at least in terms of the materials; they"re always made of cheaper materials.

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