I"ve sầu just wasted 2 hours trying khổng lồ vị something which I"ve sầu already done twice before. I can"t remember the exact procedure I used the previous two times, but it really shouldn"t be giving me this much trouble:

I have a project folder called "BoardGUIv3". I want to lớn produce a header tệp tin based on a class called "CANController", with the source located in "BoardGUIv3/src/model" and the class tệp tin in "BoardGUIv3/bin/model".

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I"ve sầu done exactly this thing before, but for some reason I can"t seem khổng lồ do this simple, one-line command again.

I"m pretty sure it"s something along the lines of

javah -classpath src/model/CANControllerMy classpath should just be the root directory, shouldn"t it?

java java-native-interface javah
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asked Sep 9 "13 at 16:53

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Here is the javah command usage:

javahLocation -o outputFile -classpath classpath importNameand it should be used like this for you class:

javah -o "CANController.h" -classpath "C:pathToYourProjDirBoardGUIv3in" Model.CANControllerJust correct the path to lớn your classfile with the real path and the package structure if required.

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