It’s no secret that data storage mediums are susceptible to lớn information loss, whether it’s through accidental deletion, device malfunction, operating system issues, or other scenarios. Lớn combat this, software companies have developed all kinds of data recovery software that can help get your files back with varying degrees of effectiveness.

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We regularly thử nghiệm out data recovery apps and this time we’re taking a closer look at iCare Data Recovery. It’s a long-running data retrieval program that does a decent – albeit slightly limited – job of rescuing lost files.

TL;DR: iCare Data Recovery is a capable program that won’t hog much of your resources & is exceedingly simple to lớn use. Its không lấy phí version is especially attractive for people who aren’t willing to shell out money for a data recovery program. While its recovery rate is passable, its user interface is unsightly và could use a lot of work & its scanning speed is a little on the slow side. Missteps aside, it’s a great option when picked up as a miễn phí tool.

iCare Data Recovery: Main Features

iCare Data Recovery isn’t exactly one of the more renowned data rescue solutions around, but it does boast a solid không tính phí version that’s sure to lớn entice users who are not looking to lớn pay to get their files back. The program was developed by iCareALL – a software company that’s been around since 2009.

It made its start creating và maintaining its sole data recovery program that was built khổng lồ recover deleted files from SD cards và other storage mediums or information lost as a result of other unforeseen situations. But the company has since moved on to lớn other tools, such as tệp tin converters and editors.

iCare Data Recovery’s most recent update is version 8.3 which was rolled out back in late 2020. This means that it has been more than a year since the software was last improved which isn’t exactly ideal. Now let’s dive into the program’s highlight features.

☑️ Data Recovery

iCare Data Recovery doesn’t have the highest retrieval rate amongst its peers, but it does get the job done for the most part. It’s capable of recovering more than 600 different file types, includes videos, pictures, audio files, & varying office document extensions, and it works on a wide variety of storage mediums. The phầm mềm offers two types of không tính phí versions – iCare Recovery miễn phí and iCare Pro Free. The former offers limitless data recovery but you don’t get a deep scan and RAW/deleted drive recovery which is a bummer. ICare Pro Free, on the other hand, allows those kinds of recoveries but you only get a limit of 1 GB before having to invest in the paid version.

☑️ Portable Version

Don’t feel like going through the hassle of installing the program only to lớn uninstall it after you’re done? iCare Data Recovery has a low-profile portable version that’s essentially a ZIP file that you can utilize right after unzipping. You can easily copy it onto a USB so you can use it at any time without having khổng lồ go through the installation wizard time & time again. But for those who prefer an installer, there is one available for tải về as well.

☑️ tệp tin Preview

When you get khổng lồ the results screen, you’re given the ability lớn preview potentially recoverable files khổng lồ see if it’s the one you are looking for. This saves you the trouble of having to lớn retrieve the file first before finding out if it’s something you need or not. It is worth noting, however, that the tệp tin types that can be previewed are fairly limited, which is generally the case for most recovery programs. Furthermore, the retrievable files in the results screen show up in a thumbnail view, making it easier lớn distinguish image files that you’re trying to lớn rescue.

☑️ Save Session

The scanning process in data recovery programs can sometimes take a fairly long time, especially if you’re looking through a particularly large storage medium with a relatively low read speed. Luckily enough, with iCare Data Recovery, you won’t have lớn repeat the scan every time you want khổng lồ rescue files. The phầm mềm has a session save feature that lets you save your scanning progress so you can continue it at a later date, saving you a lot of what would otherwise be wasted time.

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iCare Data Recovery: tệp tin Recovery Process

For the purposes of this review, we downloaded the iCare Data Recovery không tính tiền version & we selected the portable kind khổng lồ avoid having khổng lồ install the software. It’s a pretty straightforward program so we don’t imagine most people would have trouble navigating it, but we prepared a step-by-step guide on how lớn use it just in case. All you have to bởi vì is follow the instructions below và you’ll be recovering files in no time.

Unzip the downloaded tệp tin to a folder of your choosing or run the cài đặt file and follow the on-screen instructions until the program is properly installed.
Since we downloaded the portable version, there’s no shortcut khổng lồ the app on the desktop. Instead, you’ll have to navigate lớn the folder you unzipped và run the iCare-Free.exe file.
We went with the Advanced tệp tin Recovery option which takes you lớn another screen where you’ll have to choose the storage medium that you want khổng lồ scan. Once you’ve decided, highlight the drive và click the Next button.
After the scan is completed, you’ll need to lớn choose the partition for recovery and then hit the Next button.
On this screen, you just need to find the files you want to recover, highlight them, then click the Recover button. It’s laid out in a Windows Explorer-style view so it’s pretty easy to navigate và you have the option to preview files and search them by file name và various other criteria.
A pop-up window will appear asking you to lớn choose the location where you want to store the recovered file. Keep in mind that this location needs lớn be on a different storage medium than the one you’re recovering files from. Once you’ve selected a folder, click the OK button khổng lồ proceed.
The program will now retrieve the selected files & will automatically mở cửa a window lớn where the recovered files are located. You can also click the output liên kết to head to the recovery location manually.

iCare Data Recovery is fairly simple as recovery programs go và it’s intuitive enough that even newbies can figure out how khổng lồ rescue their lost files without getting lost. The visuals, however, look decidedly dated & feel like they haven’t been updated in the past decade. The scanning process is also relatively slow so strap in for a long wait.

iCare Data Recovery Pricing

iCare Data Recovery offers four different editions to choose from – iCare Recovery Free, iCare Pro Free, iCare Pro Home, và iCare Pro Workstation. Here are the main differences between the four:

iCare Recovery Free
: This includes basic recovery features, though you don’t get không tính phí tech support or Windows server functionality. On the plus side, you can recover as much data as you want, as this edition has no recovery cap.iCare Pro Free: This variant lets you try out the deeper scans, RAW/deleted drive recovery, & Windows server support, though you still don’t get miễn phí tech support and you’re limited khổng lồ one gigabyte’s worth of data recovery.iCare Pro Home: This nets you everything the previous edition has along with tech tư vấn and no recovery limit. It retails for an annual $69 recurring fee.iCare Pro Workstation: The last edition gets you all the possible features and it’s available for commercial use. You only get one code per workstation and it comes at a yearly $89 fee.

User Feedback

iCare Data Recovery has its upsides và downsides, some of which are echoed by critics from various websites. Here are a few excerpts from some of the review we looked up across the web:

iCare Data Recovery works well as an alternative to lớn expensive data recovery services. Everything is explained simply, the interface is immediately accessible and scans run fairly quickly. While more experienced users may find it a little oversimplified, it is a great option for occasional use to deal with emergency storage errors. (Softonic)

The UI indeed felt oversimplified lớn a certain extent, making it seem as though the program was designed more towards casual users rather than seasoned tech enthusiasts. Less tech-savvy users, however, will find a lot to like about that fact.

iCare Data Recovery không tính tiền is worth a try, it is 100% free and does good on recovering some deleted documents, such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc. But if your files are lost for other reasons (not deletion), or if you want lớn find & recover more lost files, you should turn khổng lồ iCare Data Recovery Pro. (Connie Wisley, Cisdem)

While iCare Data Recovery Pro is the better pick for deeper scans and more varied data loss scenarios, its 1 GB retrieval cap can be pretty restrictive, especially if you plan on recovering large amounts of data.

Is iCare data recovery worth it? I’d say yes, it’s a useful tool worthy to keep in your digital rescue toolbox just in case. If not, there are other options to try including professional data recovery services. Bear in mind that iCare Data Recovery works for Windows PCs only, và there are plenty of other data recovery tools out there. Some are free, some paid. (Andreas Louis, AnySoftwareTools)

iCare Data Recovery is worth keeping around, particularly if you’re looking for a không tính tiền recovery solution. It’s a Windows-only program, though, so fans of other operating systems will have lớn look elsewhere.

This software is underrated, there’s no doubt about it. Luckily, we are almost sure is due to its design, forcing people not lớn take it seriously. If that were to lớn be fixed, we’re certain the popularity of the software would skyrocket. The tìm kiếm might not be as thorough as some of its competitors, that’s true. But it is good enough for the average user. Plus, the software offers more than the competitors offer when it comes to restoring files for free. (Milan, Data Recovery Pit)

The UI aesthetic is definitely one of iCare Data Recovery’s biggest disadvantages, as it looks bland and very outdated. Moreover, its search effectiveness is decent but there are some better alternatives out there when it comes lớn that characteristic.

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