I am filling a khung for living in the campus on a university in Australia. The due date for sending this application is near, và I have asked the very same question to them in e-mail và haven"t got an answer. I fear that I will not get the answer before the due date, so hopefully I have come to lớn the right place lớn ask this question.quý khách sẽ xem: First initial là gì

Bottom of the contract it says "Resident initials here", now what"s initials? I searched a bit and found out that it"s the first letter of my name followed by first letter in my last name & surname.

If my name is Muazam Al Ace, are my initial "MAA"? So vày I write "MAA"?

One more question: "Resident’s Representative for Notices" - is it here I fill in my parents?

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HugoHugo 64.2k1717 gold badges193193 silver badges296296 bronze badges 0 Add a comment | -5 This is an old post, just wanted lớn complete the details since I stumbled upon here:In the forms initials would be: First character of first name, First character of last name, First character of Middle Name. Share Improve this answer Follow answered Jan 18 "13 at 21:51

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