If you’re having computer problems, the first thing you should vày is see if it has outdated drivers. If it does, updating them will very often fix things.

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And for this, our tool, Driver Easy FREE, is the ideal solution.

Driver Easy FREE is a driver update tool used by more than 3 million customers around the world. It will automatically identify and download all the drivers you need, so all you have sầu lớn bởi is install them.

In other words, it eliminates the need khổng lồ find & download your drivers the difficult way (via the manufacturer’s website).

You don’t need to lớn know what system your computer is running, you don’t need to scour the web for the right driver download, và you don’t need to risk downloading the wrong driver. Driver Easy does it all for you, automatically. No computer knowledge needed, và it’s completely không tính tiền.

This page describes how lớn do this.



If your graphics card isn’t working properly or you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from your monitor, you can scan your computer with Driver Easy FREE, & if a new driver is available for your graphics card, Driver Easy will tell you. You can then just clichồng khổng lồ tải về the driver.

If your computer won’t start, or is running slow or freezing, it may be because of an outdated hard-disk driver. You should use Driver Easy FREE to update it.

If your speakers aren’t working properly, use Driver Easy FREE lớn tải về a new sound thẻ driver.

If your mouse is laggy, use Driver Easy FREE lớn download its driver.

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And so on…


How does it work?

Just cliông xã Scan Now, và Driver Easy will scan your computer & detect any devices with missing or outdated drivers.

Then clichồng the Update button next khổng lồ any flagged device. Driver Easy will then automatically download the latest driver for the device.


Once it’s finished downloading, you simply install it.

All drivers direct from the manufacturer

We use only genuine drivers, straight from your hardware manufacturer. And they’re all tested và certified – either by Microsoft or by us. Or both.

Passed Microsoft WHQL Tests


Most hardware manufacturers put their drivers through Microsoft’s rigorous Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing process. If they pass, they’re officially certified stable and compatible with Windows.

If your manufacturer has a ‘Certified for Windows’ driver, that’s the one we’ll use. Assuming it passes our own tests…

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Certified by Driver Easy


We employ a strict testing process lớn ensure all our drivers are safe, secure & stable. This is critical because not all manufacturers get their hardware certified by Microsoft – and it’s best not to rely on the manufacturer’s own testing.

In fact, we manually chạy thử Microsoft-certified drivers too, just lớn be safe. Sometimes they miss things…

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FREE vs PRO – Feature comparison

Lite Pro

Unlimited PCs


3 PCs for 1 year



What our customers say


Mark☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I rarely write Review, but I wanted to lớn thank you for fixing my laptop. My máy vi tính was recently updated with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Build update (1709). That update broke my HDMI port & with it, my dual monitor support. I NEED two external monitors for my line of work, và I was dead in the water. Your easy to lớn use interface, simple install/update procedure, & efficent process updated 30 missing/outdated drivers & had me up và running in an hour (500 MB of downloads.) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thanks again for creating an awesome sản phẩm. I will certainly recommkết thúc you to friends & colleagues for sure!


Karen☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

You have sầu no idea how grateful I am for your hàng hóa. I am 70 và I love my computer. I am in the country with no vehicle & I spend hours every day on my computer. I got the xanh screen of death which made my computer crash every time it was on. I found your product and it worked. I am no longer depressed. Thank you so much!!!!!

* All testimonials are from the Driver Easy tư vấn mailbox. These customers said we could use them.

Download your FREE trial now

If your computer isn’t performing how it used lớn, give Driver Easy a try. Download your không lấy phí trial now and see how quiông chồng and easy it is.








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Detects all missing, outdated & mismatched drivers
1 clichồng khổng lồ tải về và install all drivers
Can download drivers one at a time
Can install drivers one at a time
Drivers must be installed manually in Windows
All drivers certified, và direct from manufacturer
View detailed hardware info with embed CPU-Z
No internet? – Scan offline then tải về the right network driver on another PC
Driver download speed (approx) * 40KB – 80KB per second 500KB – 20MB per second
Aulớn restore point
Auto system backup
Roll baông xã khổng lồ previous version of drivers
Free PC tech support
Commercial use
Automatic update to lachạy thử Driver Easy version