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a game by Tecmo, and Omega Force Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3 Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 nhận xét User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes Rate this game:

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Dynasty Warriors 8 was released in February 2013, and was a title that was expected khổng lồ provide more of the same, with very little in terms of changes to the DW experience.

That said, the game did provide a much needed lease of life into the series, và was a welcomed surprise given the state of previous releases. Koei had taken a large roster of 62 characters, và made it even bigger, by adding more playable characters taking the total to well over 70. What makes the characters even better this time round, is that we don’t see the exact same move styles that we’ve seen in the past games. Each character has their own special moves and attack movements, which demonstrates that Koei have listened khổng lồ fans & are starting lớn make the changes needed.



This combat also changes with the more officers you defeat in battle. The second weapon you carry into battle depends on the one you select from the amount of weapons available. You can switch between these weapons mid battle so you’re not tied lớn the same style of combat. Not to lớn mention the musou attacks, once your gage is full, you can hit crazy full bộ numbers well into four figures.

Story Mode

There are four different campaigns which make for varied gameplay. These are each prolonged by a series of paths which branch off each campaign. These paths will become active as you fail or succeed with certain objectives.

The ambition mode is also another addition lớn the trò chơi which expands on its bộ vi xử lý core game modes. In this trò chơi mode you need to lớn turn a rugged camp into a bustling city, and in order to bởi vì so, you need to take part in some quick skirmishes lớn retrieve the resources needed to lớn keep building.

In Comparison

Compared with Dynasty Warriors 7, the eighth instalment is a breath of fresh air. The new characters, unlockables and features of DW 8 are enough to lớn maintain interest in the series - enough lớn set it apart from the other games. The graphics are a slight improvement, but still need work. However the upgraded PS4 version of the game does enhance the overall experience. There are also more move sets compared with DW 7, which makes combat more appealing, and the “what if” story branches make the chiến dịch a lot more interesting.


Dynasty Warriors 8 is one of the best games in the series. It changes a lot, & the developers have actually listened lớn the fans this time round. Overall, I’d give the trò chơi 8/10. A great game in the series, and a step in the right direction.

If you’re looking to lớn purchase a Dynasty Warriors game, then the eighth trò chơi in the series is a great option, and one you should definitely consider!


Flexible dual wield weapon system A lot more unlockables quality attack movements across characters More charactersAmbition trò chơi modeMore combat movements


Lack on multiplayer In good old DW fashion - combat gets a little repetitive after a while
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