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lớn make a company"s shares less valuable by increasing the total number of shares, so that each shareholder gets a smaller part of the profit và owns a smaller percentage of the company than before:
The company"s nội dung issue will increase the number of shares on the market, diluting their value và upsetting current stockholders.
The methods of this paper can possibly be applied to lớn the study of the spectrum of dilute random matrices.
For all 18 matings at least one offspring expressing the dilute, normal ear phenotype was observed before ending the mating.
Up until 1945, the optional referendum represented an efficient veto lớn point for groups opposing the welfare state khổng lồ dilute state-interventionist social policies.
The 5 ml aliquot of the 10 times diluted scytonemin fraction was injected and data were acquired for both positive sầu và negative ionization modes.
However, none of the four rabbits inoculated with the diluted (10x2) preparation from 91 days exposure were infected.
After digestion và ligation reactions, each sample was diluted ten-fold và used as a template for the preselective và selective amplification.
The balloon catheter was advanced over the guide wire, inflated with dilute contrast to lớn a pressure of 3-4 atmospheres, & deflated immediately.
Without causing absolute fusion, the instrumental figures enhance and accentuate certain aspects of the electroacoustic context, without diluting themselves inlớn it.
As you will see, the irruption of the locus in no way weakens or dilutes logical principles: they just become different, more harmonious, and stronger.
Injected intra-peritoneally with 1 c. c. of defibrinated relapsing fever blood diluted with 2 c. c. of sterile saline.
Perhaps they wanted yet one more barrier between themselves and the administration, or they wished lớn dilute the power of the headmen.

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For each class or sub-class, the serum khổng lồ be tested was diluted according lớn the immunoglobulin concentration.
Primary antibodies (concentrations as given above) were diluted in blocking solution và applied khổng lồ the sections overnight at room temperature.
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