Before you convert DVD lớn mp4, you need lớn pick the ideal software for your situation. There are a number of software options online, most coming as a không lấy phí download lớn help you add that film or TV show to your hard drive.

Here are some of the most popular options for ripping DVDs to lớn your computer: ●VLC – VLC stands for VideoLAN Client, & is a không tính phí media streaming program for PC, Mac, iOS & Android. One of its other uses is as a DVD lớn mp4 converter. It is completely safe when you tải về it from approved sites. ●WinX DVD Ripper Premium – If you want a DVD ripper that adds extra functionality, then WinX DVD Ripper Premium is the program for you. This paid-for tải về allows you to rip scratched DVDs with no chất lượng loss, và you can even trim & subtitle the video. It also boasts a basic không tính tiền version và both Windows & Mac OS users can download the program.●Handbrake – Handbrake is an online video converter that is popular with Mac users, but which is also available on Windows devices. It offers a wide range of options to suit your DVD ripping needs, including converting DVD to lớn mp4.

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It was voted the most popular clip converter by users of Lifehacker in 2013, winning by a huge margin over the other contenders.

Once you have settled on the DVD khổng lồ mp4 converter of your choice, download it và you are ready lớn rip your DVD.

2) Rip Your DVD

Each online video converter works in a similar way, but khổng lồ give you an idea of the DVD to mp4 process, here are the instructions for converting using the above programs.

Convert DVD lớn MP4 With VLC

1.Insert the DVD you wish lớn rip.

2.Open VLC on your PC or Mac.


What to vị With Your DVD to lớn MP4 Conversion

Once you have converted your DVD to lớn mp4, you need to lớn decide what to vì with it. It could be that you simply want khổng lồ back up the DVD in case it becomes scratched. However, you might also want to lớn travel around on trains or buses with your DVD collection close lớn hand, without having khổng lồ cart around a load of heavy physical DVDs.

If you have enough space to lớn save the films and TV shows from your DVDs on your hard drive và you keep your máy tính with you, you can simply open them up whenever you want to & watch them. If you vì chưng not have the storage available, you could save them lớn a cloud-based storage solution, such as iCloud or Google Drive. You will need an mạng internet connection lớn watch them in future, though. You could also transfer them lớn your phone or tablet so you can watch them without carting around your laptop.

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