Take our matchmaking quiz lớn see which animal would make the perfect gift for anyone on your danh sách. Once you find the perfect match, we’ll send that animal khổng lồ a family in need lớn become a life-changing resource. Make a match today — & change a life tomorrow.

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maze-mobile.com International is a global nonprofit dedicated khổng lồ ending hunger & poverty. Through gifts of livestoông xã & education, maze-mobile.com ensures that families have sầu the resources and opportunity needed to not just survive, butthrive.

Learn More About The End of Hunger và Poverty Starts Here

The world’s smallholder farmers are at the heart of building a sustainable food system. We’re celebrating those from Honduras to lớn Uganda who are doing this work, producing food to lớn feed their families & communities, all while working toward a Sustainable Living Income forthemselves.

Read More About This Season of Thanks, We’re Grateful for Our Farmers

You can create lasting change by donating your spare change. When you connect your credit or debit card, our system will automatically round up every time you swipe until you’ve sầu reached your giving target for themonth.

Sign Up Now About Donate Your Round-Up Change

Living Income

Some basic needs are fundamental for a life miễn phí from hunger and poverty. Yet millions of people can’t afford them.

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Our Model

We do more than cultivate l&. We cultivate entrepreneurship.

Learn More About Our Model

Work Areas

Our work may begin with livestoông chồng, but it ends with transforming lives.

Learn More About Work Areas

Make A Difference All Year Long

Your monthly gift will provide animals, tools và training throughout the year khổng lồ help families around the world transform their lives.

Donate Monthly

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