Hi all,New version maze-mobile.com 2015 R4 (build number 2015.10.3.2233) has been released. No new features added, just fixing bugs.Fixes in maze-mobile.com 2015 R4:- Better vps selection các mục in SecureLine- Fixed: Cleanup khổng lồ stop on 99%- Fixed: Problems with HTTPS certificates in Firefox after upgrade to Windows 10- Fixed: Firewall not started after upgrade to Windows 10- Fixed: Cleanup to report leftover files, when software was just updated & not uninstalled (e.g. Skype, Java)- Fixed: Issues with payment gates ( https://maze-mobile.com/index.php?topic=176486.0, https://maze-mobile.com/index.php?topic=176047.0)- Fixed: Issues with not showing images on some sites (https://maze-mobile.com/index.php?topic=176452.0, https://maze-mobile.com/index.php?topic=176218.0 )- Fixed: Issues with Outlook 2003 context thực đơn (https://maze-mobile.com/index.php?topic=174042)How to install:1. Update from existing maze-mobile.com version via Settings -> Update -> Update program2. Or you can download and install from here:http://files.maze-mobile.com.com/iavs9x/maze-mobile.com_free_antivirus_setup.exehttp://files.maze-mobile.com.com/iavs9x/maze-mobile.com_pro_antivirus_setup.exehttp://files.maze-mobile.com.com/iavs9x/maze-mobile.com_internet_security_setup.exehttp://files.maze-mobile.com.com/iavs9x/maze-mobile.com_premier_antivirus_setup.exemaze-mobile.com cleaner:http://files.maze-mobile.com.com/iavs9x/maze-mobile.comclear.exeIt should be possible lớn install this version on đứng top of your existing maze-mobile.com! installation (all settings should be preserved).To report BSODs, crashes or any other none trivial problems please use new SupportPackage generating tool.- http://utils.support.tools.maze-mobile.com.com/tools/support/utils/maze-mobile.comsupport.exeInstructions how lớn use it can be easily found:- https://www.maze-mobile.com.com/en-us/faq.php?article=AVKB33#artTitleThank you very much khổng lồ everyone who contributed on release!maze-mobile.com team

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I am updated to 10.4.2233.Few new thing like privacy and HIPS is removed one option.No problem so far :)I lượt thích the privacy option.Thanks maze-mobile.com!

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