at one time

1. At the same time; in unison. Don"t try khổng lồ carry more than two boxes at one time—they"re heavy! I can"t underst& a word with all of you screaming at one time.2. In the past. Yes, I was a teacher at one time, long before I became a fashion designer.See also: one, time

at one time

1. Simultaneously, at the same time, as in All the boys jumped inlớn the pool at one time. For synonyms, see at once, def. 1; at the same time, def. 1. 2. Formerly, in the past, as in At one time very few houses in town were on the market. See also: one, time

at one time

1. Simultaneously.

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2. At a period or moment in the past.See also: one, timeSee also:

at one time

at a time in the past At one time the man had no money but now he is very rich.

at one time or another

at one time or another On various separate occasions.

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For example, At one time or another I"ve sầu considered replacing the furnace, but so far I haven"t done so.

at one time|time

adv. phr. 1. In the same moment; together. Let"s start the dance again all at one time. Mr. Reed"s bills came all at one time và he could not pay them. Synonym: AT THE SAME TIME1. 2. At a certain time in the past; years ago. At one time people thought that Minnesota was not a good place to live. At one time most school teachers were men, but today there are more women than men.
at loggerheads at loggerheads over (something) at loggerheads with (someone) at loggerheads, to be at long last at loose ends at most at my, your, etc. time of life at night at no time at odds at odds over (something) at odds with (oneself) at odds with (someone or something) at odds with someone at odds with something at odds with the world at once at one at one blow at one fell swoop at one go at one remove sầu at one sitting at one stroke at one time at one time or another at one with (someone or something) at one's at one's beông chồng và hotline at one's best at one's convenience at one's door at one's fingertips at one's leisure at one's wit's kết thúc at one's wits' end, to be at opposite poles at outs at pains at pains to lớn at pains, be at at par at peace at peace with at play at point-blank range at present at rack & manger at random at regular intervals at loggerheads at loose ends at most at odds at once at one at one fell swoop at one stroke at one time at one"s beông chồng và Hotline at one"s best at one"s door at one"s elbow at one"s feet at one"s fingertips at one"s heels at one"s service
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