all along

The entire time. Kristen was disappointed to lớn learn that Pete had been lying khổng lồ her all along.See also: all

all along

From the start, throughout, from over khổng lồ kết thúc, as in I"ve known he was innocent all along. Also see all along the line. See also: all

all along

all the time; from the beginning.See also: all

all aˈlong

from the beginning: I’ve said all along that this would happen. ♢ He knew who they were all along but he pretended he didn’t.See also: all

all along

From the beginning; throughout: saw through the disguise all along.See also: allSee also:

all along

all the time I knew all along that he would not get the promotion.

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all along the line

all along the line Also, all the way down the line. At every point, stage, or moment.

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For example, We"ve sầu had problems with this supplier all along the line, or He"s been very helpful all the way down the line. The line originally referred lớn a row of troops, but the expression has been used figuratively since the late 1800s. Also see somewhere along the line.

all along|all|along

adv. phr. All the time; during the whole time. I knew all along that we would win. I knew right along that Jane would come. See also: RIGHT ALONG.
alive sầu (live) và kicking (well) alive and kicking alive & well alive lớn alive lớn (something) alive sầu with alkie alkied alkied (up) alkied up alky all all (a)round all (one's) Christmases have sầu come at once all (one's) eggs in one basket all (one's) geese are swans all (one's) life is worth all (one's) life's worth all (one's) taste is in (one's) mouth all (other) things being equal all (that) meat và no potatoes all (the) one all able-bodied people all aboard all agog all along all along the line all along/down the line all & some all & sundry all around Robin Hood's barn all around town all at once all at sea all balled up all bark & no bite all being well all bets are off all better all better (now) all brawn và no brain all but all by (one's) lonesome all by lonesome all cats are gray after dark/at night all cats are gray at night all cats are gray by night all cats are gray in the dark all cats are grey in the dark all comers all corners of the earth ahead of time air one"s dirty linen in public air shuttle airbus airquake albatross around one"s neông xã alive và kicking alive with all along all at once all better all but all ears all eyes all gone all hours all in
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